Eid Guests Break Records with IMG’s Summer Adventures 2024 – Dine and Stay in Dubai

Eid Guests Break Records with IMG’s Summer Adventures 2024 – Dine and Stay in Dubai

Eid Guests Break Records with IMG’s Summer Adventures 2024 – Dine and Stay in Dubai

In a landmark achievement for IMG Worlds, Dubai’s premier theme park, this Eid Al Adha witnessed the largest number of visitors in its history. With a remarkable 9% increase in footfall compared to previous years during the Eid holidays and the commencement of the summer break in 2024, IMG Worlds has solidified its position as a top attraction in the region. This surge in attendance can be attributed to the introduction of two new original characters, Freddy & Flory, the beloved Arabian Desert Foxes, who have quickly captured the hearts of families visiting the park.

Rola Osseiran, the Group Head of Marketing at IMG Group, expressed her enthusiasm about the record-breaking turnout during the summer season. Osseiran exclaimed, “We have promised our visitors that Summer 2024 in Dubai will mark a new and exciting phase for IMG. We had a great start in the number of visitors in the first week of the summer break after schools, which came with a long weekend celebrating Eid Al Adha. This boosted internal and external tourism in Dubai and the UAE as a whole.”

One of the standout features of the summer season at IMG Worlds of Adventures has been the introduction of Freddy and Flory, the charming new characters who lead visitors on the “Call to Adventure Parade.” This immersive experience takes guests through iconic locations within the park such as “The Jungle Boulevard,” the “Edge of the World Temple,” and the mystical “Mayan Pyramid.” Moreover, the characters shed light on the plight of the Arabian Desert Fox as an endangered species, enhancing the educational value of the park.

Adding to the excitement, the Adventure Passport has been introduced at IMG Worlds, allowing visitors to collect stamps for each adventure they undertake. By completing all the adventures, guests can win valuable prizes from IMG, adding a layer of thrill and anticipation to their visit.

In a bid to cater to families seeking engaging activities during the extended summer season with limited options, IMG Worlds has adopted a new strategy of providing a unique adventure on every visit. Osseiran highlighted this approach, stating, “Our goal is to offer a new and exciting experience on each visit to IMG Worlds. We understand the challenges families face during the long summer season, and we aim to make it unforgettable by introducing something fresh and fun for all ages.”

The overwhelming response to the new characters and experiences at IMG Worlds during Eid Al Adha underscores the park’s dedication to offering a top-tier entertainment destination for families in Dubai. The success of Freddy and Flory, alongside the introduction of the Adventure Passport and the promise of ongoing thrills on every visit, solidifies IMG Worlds’ reputation as a must-visit attraction in the region.

As the summer season at IMG Worlds unfolds, visitors can anticipate more surprises, adventures, and entertainment options that will elevate their experience to new heights. With unprecedented attendance during Eid Al Adha and a plethora of exciting offerings on the horizon, IMG Worlds is poised to redefine family entertainment in Dubai and set new standards for theme park experiences in the region. Get ready for an unforgettable summer filled with fun, thrills, and cherished memories at IMG Worlds!

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