What are people in the downtown area saying about Fayetteville as a dream city?

What are people in the downtown area saying about Fayetteville as a dream city?

What are people in the downtown area saying about Fayetteville as a dream city?

In downtown Fayetteville, residents were recently spotted enjoying the pleasant weather, but they expressed disappointment in the city not making the cut for the list of top 50 dream destinations to live in.

According to a survey conducted by DeskUp, the top three cities worldwide that people dream of living in are Dubai, Amsterdam, and New York City. However, the only North Carolina city to crack the top 50 was Charlotte, which secured the 13th spot.

Despite Fayetteville not making the list, the residents had a lot to say about their dream destinations and the survey results.

C.J. Stephenson, a 17-year-old from Linden, shared her dream of living in the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina to stay within the state boundaries. She expressed contentment with her current location, citing the affordability of Fayetteville as a significant factor. Stephenson mentioned, “It’s a lot more affordable than most places. I’d be completely happy living here the rest of my life.”

Jon Reisher, a 36-year-old resident from Hope Mills, revealed that his dream city would be Pittsburgh due to its unique blend of city vibes and small-town charm. However, he acknowledged the positive changes happening in Fayetteville, stating, “It’s trending that way. I’ve seen a lot of growth. Downtown is fantastic. When I first moved here, there was basically nothing down here.”

David Dunbar, a 26-year-old from Fort Liberty, expressed his desire to live in New York City to be closer to his family. Despite this, he has come to appreciate living in Fayetteville. He mentioned, “Fayetteville’s really nice. I wish it had a couple more activities in the city that I knew about.”

Larry Maxwell, a 64-year-old who was shopping downtown with his granddaughter Makayla, 10, reiterated his love for his hometown of Autryville. He emphasized his preference for rural living, stating, “I’d rather be out in the rural part of the county.”

Samantha Spillman, a 23-year-old Fayetteville resident, disclosed that her dream location to live in would be Oregon due to its natural beauty. However, she enjoys the outdoor adventures Fayetteville has to offer, mentioning, “I really like being out here, it’s just so different. Good places to hike.”

Overall, despite the survey results and dream destinations mentioned, the residents of Fayetteville highlighted the unique qualities of the city that have made it a desirable place to live for them personally.

In conclusion, while Fayetteville may not have made the list of top 50 dream destinations worldwide, the residents’ genuine appreciation for the city’s affordability, growth, and local charm showcases a different perspective on what makes a place truly special. As individuals continue to share their thoughts and dreams about where they want to live, Fayetteville stands as a hometown that holds a special place in the hearts of its residents.

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