Parts and Service Resources Offered by Baker Hughes for Woodside Energy

Parts and Service Resources Offered by Baker Hughes for Woodside Energy

Parts and Service Resources Offered by Baker Hughes for Woodside Energy

In a continuation of their successful partnership, Woodside Energy has awarded Baker Hughes a 10-year services frame agreement (SFA) to support their Australian LNG operations. This agreement comes on the heels of a previous collaboration in 2021, where Baker Hughes supplied gas turbines and compressors for Woodside’s Pluto LNG train 2 project in Australia.

The SFA outlines that Baker Hughes will provide spare parts and field service resources for onsite turbomachinery maintenance and upgrades, refurbishment, and digital asset performance services to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of Woodside’s LNG operations. This agreement highlights the importance of ongoing innovation and enhancement of LNG technology solutions to support global energy security and provide affordable and reliable natural gas supplies.

Tiffany Pitts, Vice President of Gas Technology Services, IET at Baker Hughes, emphasized the critical role of LNG in meeting global energy needs and the commitment to advancing safety, efficiency, and asset health management. She expressed pride in supporting Woodside Energy and looks forward to advancing their collaboration in the future.

This recent agreement builds on the existing strategic partnership between Baker Hughes and Woodside Energy, which has seen fruitful collaborations in the past. In 2021, Baker Hughes delivered gas turbines and centrifugal compressors for Woodside’s Pluto LNG train 2 project, showcasing their expertise and capabilities in the LNG sector.

In addition to their work with Woodside Energy, Baker Hughes has been making strides in the LNG industry globally. In May 2024, SONATRACH awarded a major supply contract to Baker Hughes for a project aimed at increasing gas production to support a stable gas supply chain between Europe and Algeria. This contract includes the installation of 20 compression trains based on Baker Hughes’ gas turbine and compressor technology, which will enhance Algeria’s domestic energy system and contribute to Europe’s energy security.

Furthermore, Baker Hughes secured an equipment order from Black & Veatch for the supply of electric-driven liquefaction technologies for the Cedar LNG project in Canada. This project, booked in Q1 2024, includes the supply of turbomachinery equipment such as refrigeration compressors, boil-off gas compressors, and centrifugal pumps, showcasing Baker Hughes’ expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for LNG projects.

In another significant development, Baker Hughes was awarded a letter of award from ADNOC Gas in 2023 for the delivery of electric liquefaction train systems to the Ruwais LNG project in the UAE. These LNG trains, driven by Baker Hughes’ electric motor and compression technology, will play a crucial role in doubling the LNG production capacity at the Ruwais plant to meet the growing gas demand in the region.

Overall, these partnerships and agreements demonstrate Baker Hughes’ leadership in the LNG industry and their commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for the production, processing, and transportation of natural gas worldwide. The collaboration with Woodside Energy in Australia is just one example of their successful partnerships that are driving advancements in the LNG sector and supporting global energy security.

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