Global search for pilots launched by Etihad

Global search for pilots launched by Etihad

Global search for pilots launched by Etihad

Etihad Airways Launches Global Pilot Recruitment Drive

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is on a mission to find “hundreds” of pilots to join its team as the industry grapples with a shortage of air crew. In an effort to bolster its workforce and support its ambitious growth plans, the airline is embarking on a global recruitment drive that will see it host seven roadshows in various countries in Europe in June and July, with plans to expand the search worldwide in the months to come.

The recruitment effort comes as Etihad sets its sights on doubling its fleet size by 2030, requiring a significant increase in the number of skilled pilots to operate its diverse range of aircraft. The airline is seeking pilots of all ranks and aircraft types to join its team, with opportunities available for those experienced in flying aircraft such as the Airbus A320, A350, and A380, as well as the Boeing 777 and 787, and Boeing 777 freighters.

Pilots who are still in the process of obtaining their qualifications are also encouraged to attend the recruitment events or express their interest online through the dedicated careers portal at Etihad Airways’ chief operations and guest officer, John Wright, emphasized the importance of finding pilots who share the airline’s vision and values.

“As we embark on this pilot recruitment roadshow, we’re proud to showcase everything that both Etihad and Abu Dhabi have to offer, and we are seeking pilots who share in our ambitions,” said Wright. “We appreciate that pilots choose which airline to join for the length of their career, and as such we would like to highlight not only the career development and progression opportunities on offer at Etihad, but also the fantastic home and lifestyle that Abu Dhabi provides.”

In addition to the global recruitment drive, Etihad Airways is committed to providing ongoing support and training for its pilots to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. The airline offers a range of career development opportunities, as well as a supportive and vibrant work environment that values diversity and inclusion.

As part of its recruitment efforts, Etihad Airways aims to attract a diverse pool of talent from around the world, with a focus on promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry. The airline recognizes the importance of having a diverse and inclusive team of pilots to drive innovation and success in a rapidly evolving industry.

In conclusion, Etihad Airways’ global pilot recruitment drive is a testament to the airline’s commitment to expanding its workforce and supporting its growth ambitions. By seeking out the best and brightest pilots from around the world, Etihad is positioning itself for success in the competitive aviation industry. Pilots who are interested in joining the Etihad team are encouraged to attend the upcoming recruitment roadshows or visit the careers portal to learn more about the exciting opportunities available.

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