GIG Gulf Hosts Fourth Successful MyWellness Week

GIG Gulf Hosts Fourth Successful MyWellness Week

GIG Gulf Hosts Fourth Successful MyWellness Week

GIG Gulf, a prominent insurance provider in the MENA region, recently wrapped up its fourth edition of MyWellness Week, a flagship event dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of its health policy members. The event, held online from May 27-30, 2024, aimed to inspire and educate participants on holistic wellbeing. For the first time, it reached beyond GIG Gulf members to include participants from Jordan, Kuwait, and KSA within the GIG Group network, aligning with the UAE’s National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031.

Noor Saleh Abu Naaj, Regional Wellbeing & Engagement Strategy Manager at GIG Gulf, emphasized that healthcare insurance at GIG goes beyond medical claims, highlighting the Health on Track initiative’s goal of partnering with customers to enhance their overall physical and mental wellbeing. MyWellness Week plays a crucial role in inspiring members to make positive lifestyle changes.

The focus of this year’s event was on preventative care, with discussions and activities covering various topics promoting wellbeing. Attendees benefited from workshops and discussions addressing critical wellness issues in the Middle East, such as the impact of sleep and financial stress on overall wellbeing, the significance of self-love, managing relationships, and pursuing personal passion and purpose. The curated activities aimed to equip attendees with practical tools to improve their daily lives and wellbeing.

Haytham El Halabi, Regional Head of Client Benefits, Network Management & Regulatory Affairs at GIG Gulf, expressed pride in continuing MyWellness Week for the fourth consecutive year, empowering members to nurture their wellbeing. The event featured 12 expert speakers and attracted over 5,000 visits throughout the week, boasting an impressive engagement rate of 90.70% and an overall rating of 92.20%. A significant 66% of registered members actively participated in the event.

The success of MyWellness Week underscores GIG Gulf’s commitment to promoting holistic wellbeing among its members and enhancing their overall healthcare experience.

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