Creative Writing Competition Launched in UAE

Creative Writing Competition Launched in UAE

Creative Writing Competition Launched in UAE

Sharjah, UAE – The UAE Board on Book for Young People (UAEBBY) has announced the launch of the highly anticipated “Creative Writing Competition” aimed at children and youth between the ages of 6 to 18 residing in the UAE. This exciting competition, running until July 31st, seeks to inspire young minds to unleash their creativity and storytelling abilities in Arabic.

Marwa Al Aqroubi, the esteemed President of the UAEBBY, expressed her enthusiasm for this annual event, which is an integral part of the “Read, Dream, Create” campaign organized by the Council. The competition serves as a platform for discovering and nurturing the potential of children and young individuals in the fields of innovation and creativity. By encouraging participants to create imaginative literary works, the competition aims to enhance their writing skills, foster a love for literature, and stimulate their cognitive and creative perspectives.

In a recent statement, Marwa Al Aqroubi revealed, “The competition has played a vital role in inspiring hundreds of children and adolescents to explore the world of creative writing. It has not only helped them improve their linguistic abilities but also nurtured their capacity to express themselves and imagine. Furthermore, it has instilled a passion for literature and the habit of reading, while providing a platform for young talents to embark on their publishing journey, with their stories now gracing library shelves.”

Participants are required to submit a story written in Arabic that showcases their imagination and creativity within the specified age group. They also have the option to include illustrations to enhance their storytelling. Entries must be in digital format, using the “Microsoft Word” program, and accompanied by a completed competition form available on the “Read, Dream, Create” campaign website. All submissions must be received by July 31, 2024, ensuring that the stories align with the core values of UAE society and uphold principles of human decency.

The competition will recognize winners in two distinct categories: youngsters (aged 6 to 12) and adolescents (aged 13 to 18). The Council has curated an impressive array of rewards for the talented victors, underscoring their commitment to nurturing young literary talent.

Each category will have a single winner who will be awarded a prize package valued at AED 3,000 (0), along with a collection of valuable books and stories, and a certificate of appreciation. The winning entries will also be prominently featured on the Council’s website, showcasing the creative prowess of the young storytellers.

This esteemed competition not only encourages young individuals to explore their creative potential but also serves as a stepping stone for budding writers to showcase their talent on a broader platform. The UAEBBY’s dedication to fostering a love for literature and storytelling among the youth underscores their commitment to nurturing the next generation of creative minds.

In conclusion, the “Creative Writing Competition” organized by the UAEBBY stands as a testament to the Council’s unwavering support for young talent, providing a nurturing environment for creativity and innovation to flourish among the youth in the UAE. As the competition deadline approaches, young writers are encouraged to unleash their imagination and submit their captivating stories for a chance to be recognized and celebrated for their literary prowess.

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