Committee in Sharjah Ports evaluates infrastructure project at Khatm Milaha

Committee in Sharjah Ports evaluates infrastructure project at Khatm Milaha

Committee in Sharjah Ports evaluates infrastructure project at Khatm Milaha

The Roads and Transport Authority of the Government of Sharjah recently held a meeting to review the progress of the infrastructure development project at the Khatm Milaha Border Point. This important project is crucial for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of border operations in the emirate.

Chaired by Mohammed Ibrahim Al Raisi, Director of Ports and Border Points Affairs and Chairman of the Committee, the meeting was well-attended by key stakeholders including Lieutenant Colonel Walid Mohammed Al-Nehm from the Outside Outlets Police Department at the General Command of Sharjah Police, and Lieutenant Colonel Imran Al Shamsi, Director of the Khatm Milaha Border Point’s Passport Control Center. The presence of Colonel Mohammed Al-Afari from the National Guard Command, Mohammed Al-Serkal from the Federal Customs Authority, Abdul Rahman Al-Kindi, Sharjah Ports and Border Points Committee Rapporteur, and Khaled Al-Kaabi from the General Directorate for Port Security added valuable insights and perspectives to the discussion.

During the meeting, Al Raisi emphasized the importance of the committee’s role in ensuring seamless services for travelers and the smooth flow of goods at the emirate’s ports and border points. By fostering collaboration and coordination among different authorities, the committee plays a vital role in enhancing operational efficiency and identifying areas for improvement and excellence.

One of the key agenda items of the Sharjah Ports and Border Points Committee’s meeting was an inspection tour of Dibba Al-Hisn’s Eastern and Western Border Points. This tour provided an opportunity to assess the current status of operations and identify any areas that may require attention or improvement.

The Committee expressed its appreciation to the Government of Sharjah for its continuous support and allocation of resources to enhance operations at the ports and border points. The efforts exerted during the Eid Al-Adha holiday to manage the influx of travelers at key border points such as Khatmat Milaha, Dibba Al-Hisn, and Al-Madam did not go unnoticed, with special thanks given for the dedication and hard work of all involved.

Overall, the meeting of the Sharjah Ports and Border Points Committee underscored the commitment of the emirate to ensuring efficient and effective border operations. By working together and leveraging the expertise of various stakeholders, Sharjah is well-positioned to continue improving its ports and border points to meet the growing demands of travelers and facilitate the smooth flow of goods.

In conclusion, the meeting served as a platform for valuable discussions and collaboration among key stakeholders involved in the development and management of the emirate’s ports and border points. The ongoing efforts to enhance operations and deliver seamless services highlight Sharjah’s dedication to excellence in border management.

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