Airline plans to double fleet size by hiring hundreds of pilots.

Airline plans to double fleet size by hiring hundreds of pilots.

Airline plans to double fleet size by hiring hundreds of pilots.

Etihad Airways, the renowned Abu Dhabi-based airline, is gearing up for a significant expansion as it aims to double the size of its fleet by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, the airline is embarking on a massive recruitment drive to hire hundreds of pilots who will play a crucial role in operating its diverse range of aircraft.

The recruitment process will kick off with an extensive roadshow in Europe, spanning over 18 months, before expanding globally to attract talent from all corners of the world. The initial focus of the recruitment drive will be on countries like Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Lithuania, where Etihad Airways will actively seek qualified pilots to join its team.

Etihad Airways is specifically looking to hire pilots to operate its fleet of Airbus A320, A350, and A380 aircraft, as well as its Boeing 777, 787, and 777 freighter models. With such a diverse range of aircraft in its fleet, the airline is seeking experienced pilots who can handle the intricacies of different types of aircraft and ensure the smooth and safe operation of flights.

In a statement, John Wright, the Chief Operations and Guest Officer at Etihad Airways, emphasized the airline’s commitment to attracting top talent: “As we embark on this pilot recruitment roadshow, we’re proud to showcase everything that both Etihad and Abu Dhabi have to offer, and we are seeking pilots who share in our ambitions. We appreciate that pilots choose which airline to join for the length of their career, and as such we would like to highlight not only the career development and progression opportunities on offer at Etihad, but also the fantastic home and lifestyle that Abu Dhabi provides.”

Beyond the professional opportunities for pilots, Etihad Airways also aims to highlight the lifestyle benefits of living and working in Abu Dhabi, a vibrant city known for its cultural attractions, modern amenities, and high quality of life. The airline recognizes that pilots consider not only their career prospects but also the overall experience of living in a city like Abu Dhabi when making their decision to join an airline for the long term.

With a global network that spans over 70 destinations worldwide, Etihad Airways offers its pilots the opportunity to explore different parts of the world and be part of a dynamic and diverse team. The airline’s commitment to safety, innovation, and customer service sets it apart as a leading player in the aviation industry, making it an attractive choice for pilots seeking a challenging and rewarding career.

As Etihad Airways looks towards the future and plans for significant growth in the coming years, the recruitment of skilled and experienced pilots will be a crucial factor in its success. By investing in recruiting top talent and showcasing the opportunities available at the airline, Etihad Airways is positioning itself as a premier employer in the aviation sector, committed to excellence and sustainability.

In conclusion, the recruitment drive launched by Etihad Airways signals the airline’s ambitious goals for expansion and growth in the aviation industry. By seeking out skilled pilots from around the world and highlighting the benefits of joining the Etihad team, the airline is laying the foundation for a successful future and cementing its position as a top player in the global aviation market.

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